Perks on Becoming a Topless Waitress in Newcastle

Being an amazing topless waitress in Newcastle isn’t just about wearing sexy clothes, nice heels and stockings. It’s a lot more than that. This article will solely focus on how being one of the topless waitresses Newcastle features works. So, if you’re looking to excel as a topless waitress in Newcastle, sit back and relax because you’ve come to the right place.

While stripping or serving as a waitress may be considered as “merely a profession” for some people, others might see it as a passion. To make this passion come to the realization, there are key things you should abide by to become one of the successful topless waitresses Newcastle features. Take a look at them below!


Perks on Becoming a Topless Waitress in Newcastle

This cannot be more emphasized than this. In fact, based on reports from one of the topless waitresses Newcastle offers, strip clubs, as well as nudist clubs, are pretty much drug-infested. Even when heroin and meth are unavailable, you would always find cocaine around. If you’re caught using drugs of any sort, you will be risking losing your job and you may get arrested.  The fact that it could be an addiction isn’t the only problem; you could vomit, have seizures or even lose consciousness. Thus, endeavor to abstain from drugs.


Being one of the incredible topless waitresses Newcastle features means some good catwalks. It’s nothing hard if you practice well enough with heels of course. The best way to properly catwalk is to keep one foot in front of the other. You have to walk straight. Moreover, your facial expression is another thing to consider. Don’t smile too much; keep your mouth closed in a natural position. Just make sure your facial expression is poised and focused. Also, don’t forget to walk confidently.


As a waitress, you would most likely encounter clients trying to grab your ass or tap it. Some of them can even go as far as forcing you to get into their area. This is very inappropriate as no client has any warrant whatsoever to touch you without your permission. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t hesitate to call security to restrain such clients. Being safe should be your primary aim and there are some crazy clients out there. Thus, whenever necessary, call security!


There are a lot of misconceptions that being a topless waitress doesn’t require you to be fit. Yes! There are various strippers with diverse shapes and sizes. However, being physically fit is quite essential. To keep up with the demands of the job, you have to be fit. So, endeavor to exercise consistently and stay fit.


Whether as one of the topless waitresses Newcastle features or anywhere else, being tolerant will do you a lot of good. It’s a strip club mind you, so you’ll most likely come across clients (male and female) that will hurl insults at you, say cruel and hurting things. You have to understand that that’s just the world we live in. It will never be rid of cruel people so just ignore them and focus on your work. If they start getting aggressive by pushing or hitting you, don’t hesitate to call security.


To receive tips and promote yourself to be very successful, you have to establish a brand. How do you do this? Dressing up! Yes, that’s it. You should choose the kind of fantasy you have available. Would you want to look like a Barbie dressed up as a punk rocker, would you try dressing up as a geeky gamer-girl, how about being dressed as a siren of burlesque.  

Perks on Becoming a Topless Waitress in Newcastle

Peradventure you dress like a pro dominatrix; you could attract clients who would want to act domineeringly. If you have fewer tattoos, avoid lipstick, and don’t have multiple hair colors, you might be attracting a broader audience who would see you as someone that’s less forceful. It all depends on what you want to depict.

Most times, your dressing defines your personality so it is an important factor that should be taken into serious consideration. Usually, your clientele is defined by how you behave and dress so it could be a good way to establish your brand. This will help you become one of the incredibly- dressed topless waitresses Newcastle will be very proud to flaunt.


Yes! You read that right. To excel in Newcastle as a topless waitress, you must have the ability to communicate. Master the art of starting a light conversation with your clients. A lot of strippers make so much money in just one night just by indulging in a conversation with a client. Know the right questions to ask and also know those you should totally stay away from. Questions like- “Do you have children? Are you married?” aren’t necessary. Those are private questions that don’t concern you.


A lot of people don’t know this but your phone can be a serious distraction especially when working. Nobody will be happy to eat in a restaurant where waitresses work on their phones while taking orders. It is poor work ethics and highly disrespectful. To become a successful topless waitress in Newcastle, know when it’s time to work and keep distractions away.


Trust nobody and be careful with whom you share your personal information to. Being one of the topless waitresses Newcastle features means you’d encounter clients who would be willing to give tips and pay extra just to get your phone number.  Don’t forget what your parents told you about strangers. You obviously don’t want to start having stalkers everywhere. So, if you value your privacy and safety, be certain that it’s fine to give anybody any info about you before doing so.


Being a topless waitress might be your passion; however, you must understand that stripping has a timeline. It is not something you can do forever. A lot of people have been forced into retirement by torn muscles, spinal cord injuries, or a twisted ankle. More than anything, it is important to take care of your body and mind. So, ensure to save enough money for when you might be unable to dance or serve for cash anymore.